Thanks for your patience with the beta version of my site - more content will be coming soon!!


This site is a home for my writing. Here I share essays, meditations, and updates.

In entomology, insect collectors often need a place to extend their catches before mounting - a spreading board. On this, wings are teased open and pinned so that their full breadth can be preserved.

Consider this site my spreading board. It is here that I endeavor to extend my writing abilities in hopes that you, the reader, are served. The specimens you find will be flawed, perhaps at times drab (like most moths at first glance). But if you leave more hungry to know the world around you, to know yourself, to know God, then I have earned the privilege of your company for however long our paths cross.

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I am…

A follower of Christ and daughter of the church. A sometime writing teacher at Purdue University. A wife. A mother and home educator. A reader and a writer.


“I like good strong words that mean something.”

— Louisa May Alcott, Little Women



This site is the hub for all of my main works. On Instagram, however, I post shorter writings - micro essays. Follow me there for the “snack” form of what I do here.